Thursday, October 16, 2014

Fall is really, truly here.

As much as I love the summer and tried my best to hold on, Fall has taken hold in Sweden and won't let go.

Don't get me wrong, fall here is beautiful! It's just that I'm a lover of warmth.

It was my boyfriend Nils' birthday recently and we spent his birthday weekend just relaxing and spending time with family.

So naturally we went to the most gorgeous place in Skåne - the little village of Hallaröd, where his sister and her family live.

This place is beginning to be a regular cast member on my blog.

I was trying to get in with the fall feeling, so I wore a novelty dress with ducks, trees, and lakes on it that I got from Calendar Girl Vintage on Etsy.

I love the large collar with contrast piping and fun orange highlights in the print.

A peek into the neighbor's yard.

The next day was his actual birthday, which we spend lazing around a wonderfully sunny 

We took a walk in the gardens in Kungsparken (king's park).

All of these beautiful flowers make me feel like it's still summer.

I love lazy Sundays.

Happy birthday to this guy. I love you!

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