Saturday, November 1, 2014

Vintage Swedish Advertisements

I'm looking for some posters and wall decor for my apartment, and I'm getting a great deal of inspiration from this book.

Svenska Affischer (Swedish Posters) by Olof Halldin is a coffee table book I picked up a while back that features poster art from 1895 - 1960. Many are advertisements or film posters.

Since mine is a Swedish-Hawaiian household, I'm looking for some old posters from Sweden to decorate our apartment. I already have some 1940's and 1950's posters from Hawaii, so I need some Swedish ones too.

The colors are really something!

From bug poison... bikes... orange soda... Hollywood films. (And Swedish ones too!)

And it's just a pretty book to have on the coffee table, too. If you like the artistry of vintage ads like I do, I highly recommend it!

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