Sunday, November 29, 2015

My first Kamehameha dress

Of all the vintage I collect, my number one favorite vintage item to collect is, of course, Hawaiian dresses. And I'm excited to share with you my very first Kamehameha dress!

This gorgeous 1950's dress that I bought from Xtabay Vintage features a Hawaiian kapa (traditional barkcloth) print with hibiscus flowers, all done in hot pink! 

I wore this dress to my friend Michelle and her husband Chris' wedding this past summer when I was back home on Oahu. 

My friend Danielle (aka the other half of the Big Pink Titas) was the skilled eye behind the camera for my little pink Kamehameha photoshoot. Mahalo nui Dano for the fierce photoshoot!

The bartender, an older Hawaiian auntie, told me that I reminded her of her aunties and the aloha wear they wore when back in the 50's. 

Compliments like that from older people are always so lovely to hear...then you know you're doing vintage right!

As the Big Pink Titas, Danielle and I were so intimidating glamorous that Ryan Hung, the photographer asked us to pose with the bridal couple.

And did we ever!

Thank you Michelle and Chris for letting us share in your special day!


  1. Gorgeous dress and such gorgeous photos!

  2. Aloha! I semi-randomly came across this blog. I am John from Texas here in the Lower 48.

    Your dress here looks lovely along with these nice sandals. Very nice smile and hairstyle as well. Even though I think it is an ugly car (except the latest model), it's cool seeing the Ferrari FF in one of these pictures.

    1. Hi John!
      Mahalo for stopping by. Yeah, the car isn't my favorite either. I'm a lover of old 30s-60's cars myself, but the car came rolling by so I seized the opportunity.