Sunday, August 14, 2016


I usually go home to Hawaii in the summertime (as well as the winter!), but this summer I decided to stay in Sweden. It gave me the chance to see parts of Sweden I haven't spent time in before. I've been living in this country for years and still had not really seen Sweden's second largest city, Gothenburg!

We took a quick trip up the coast and spent two days there. One thing I love about the major Swedish cities is that they are all coastal cities. Having grown up on an island, I feel that a close proximity to the ocean is essential. Scenic, relaxing...what more could you want?

So naturally my absolute favorite part of the trip was our day at Aspholmen. Perched up on a hill of boulders, we had an incredible view of the archipelago which was teeming with life, both human and animal. I even got to take a dip in the water, which was just the icing on the cake for my day out!

When I was last at Lindex, I happened to find the perfect matching floral tank top and high waisted shorts combo that looks like a playsuit, and it has become my go-to beach outfit this summer. It may not be vintage, but it's cute and comfy and saves my real vintage from the wear and tear of beach days. You'll be seeing more of this one, trust me!

Unfortunately I didn't have time to do any vintage shopping in our short stay, but I did take in the gorgeous old architecture and charming vintage signage around town, like these beauties!

And of course, when on the Swedish west coast, you have to have some seafood! We went out to or a fancy seafood dinner at Sjöbaren in Haga.

The next day, we found ourselves back in Haga and we had to have a Swedish classic - shrimp sandwich at Hemma Hos before we got back on the train for Malmö. 

All in all, it was a great trip. Hope to see you again soon , Göteborg!

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