Saturday, January 30, 2016

Alfred Shaheen Night Blooming Cereus Dress!

Aloha from Waikiki!

It's a deliciously warm Hawaiian evening, and the sun begins to sink down into the Pacific, it casts the last of its rays onto Diamond Head and Waikiki beach. What better thing to wear while drinking a Mai Tai and watching the sunset than a vintage Hawaiian dress?

I'm thrilled to add another gorgeous Alfred Shaheen dress to my ever growing collection of 
vintage aloha wear. And it's not just any dress, it's a purple one with metallic pink and silver detailing!

This dress is my first one in purple, and it seems to be a rather rare color in general when it comes to 1940's - 1950's aloha wear. I've actually only seen a few aloha dresses from that period in purple, so when I saw this dress, I knew I needed to have it!

The print on this dress is called "Night Blooming Cereus," and that's exactly what it depicts. While not native to the Hawaiian Islands, the night blooming cereus has become a beloved plant in the islands due to its rare beauty, earning itself the nickname Honolulu Queen. Indeed the plant is most likely to be seen in Honolulu, where it grows on the walls of Punahou School. So associated is this plant with the 175 year old school that the plant's Hawaiian name is panini o ka punahou.

Although I have since returned to a chilly Sweden, I'm so happy to be bringing back another amazing Alfred Shaheen dress to remind me of my tropical island home.


  1. I have found your blog only now. Such an amazing dress. And how lucky you are to come from the destination of my dreams (Hawaii, never been there so far) and living in an amazing and beautiful country like Sweden. And the dress is simply to die for! You look very beautiful in it, as if it was made for you.
    Best wishes from Switzerland (chilly too), Doris

    1. Hi Doris! I seem to have missed your comment. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Hawaii truly is beautiful and I hope you'll get to go one day. But Switzerland is a gorgeous place as well, even if cold. :-) I visited a friend in Sion a few years ago and I loved it!

  2. Gorgeous dress! How wonderful to be out in the warm Hawaiian air wearing this dress while drinking Mai Tais! <3

  3. Beautiful photos and dress!