Sunday, September 20, 2015

So long, Summer...

...So I guess this is fall.

This is hard for me to accept. I'm starting to think that a few weekends ago was the last real warm, wonderful summer weekend here in southern Sweden. I always find myself in denial about this, year after year, as though it's some kind of surprise that the cold is returning once again.

One consolation is that I spent that weekend enjoying the sun and the sea, catching up with a friend, and exploring a new (to me) area of Copenhagen. And I got to take out one of my newest vintage Hawaiian dresses! This one's from Waltah Clarke's Hawaiian Shop.

Miss Pia as gorgeous as ever with little Pontus in his stylish pram.

And then I rounded off my day with a solo sunset dip in the ocean. Just me and the seagulls. So wonderfully peaceful.

I'm trying to spend as much time out on my balcony as I can. Gardening, grilling (we have an electric grill!), after work cocktails, bird watching...I love living outside. And my gardening efforts are paying off - I'm growing some cherry tomatoes and tomatillos I'm just beginning to harvest now!

And I'm using all my beloved Trashy Diva rompers and separates while the weather allows. These are my number one favorite warm weather outfit. Retro cute yet so cool and comfortable!

One day we managed to make it to the beach in the morning and had a picnic brunch. The weather was great so we hoped we could make it a full beach day, but it wasn't that warm.

At least I caught a bit of a warm, summery sunset while in Landskrona last week.

I'll take every bit of sunshine I can get. 

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  1. Looks like you've had such a lovely summer! Love seeing all your pictures!