Thursday, January 29, 2015

Hawaii Reminiscing

My stay at home came and went so quickly. Upon my return to Sweden, I got back to work right away and haven't had much breathing room to reflect on my sunny winter holidays. I miss it already - the weather here in Malmö is uniquely uninspiring this winter.

Oh, how I long to be back on Kailua beach and not biking in headwinds with freezing cold rain in my face.

I'm still dreaming about hiking in the mountains.

Wild orchids.

Beach days.

My beachy beardo.

Breathtaking Kaneohe bay.

Soaking up the sun at Waimea and watching the sun set in Kailua.

Walking through historical Honolulu. Club Hubba Hubba was obviously the hangout for Honolulu's classiest individuals back in the day.

Holiday celebrations with my family. My mom's dog Sam was gracious enough to pose with us for a while, but I think our silliness got on this distinguished furry guy's nerves. He looks so done with us in the second photo!

So tired of us fools.

Some of the family went with retro inspiration to ring in the new year!

And of course vintage shopping. You didn't think I'd leave that you, did you?!?

Yes, that is an Alfred Shaheen teatimer. And yes, that is a bakelite buffet.

But I'll save that for next time: my favorite vintage spots on Oahu!

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