Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Bundling up for winter

With temperatures dropping and Christmas right around the corner, I realized I needed a new coat. While I love the few vintage ones I have - that collection is swiftly expanding, might I add - I am afraid to wear them as everyday coats for fear of ruining them. After all, I'm not the most graceful, delicate flower. Okay fine, I'm straight up clumsy sometimes.

A beautiful Malmö afternoon. (Yes, afternoon, not evening. Yes, the sun is already going down.) Who wouldn't want to bundle up for a crisp winter walk on a day like this?

So I decided to get a newly made, 1940's style princess coat from Emmy Design. This cheery red is the perfect thing to brighten up the gloomy winter days and dark nights.

But soon I'll be getting away from the cold and gray and this lovely coat will be left on the hanger because tomorrow I'll be on a plane. I'm jetting home for a Hawaiian Christmas!

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