Monday, August 4, 2014

Summer rewind

Hi all!

I hope you all are enjoying the summer. I know I have! It’s been a while since my last blog post as I was away on a wonderful, long vacation. Although I’m behind schedule, I’d sure like to share what I’ve been up to with all of you, so I hope you all won’t mind a little summer rewind over the course of the next few blog entries. 

I finally dug up my photos from the Malmö Vintage Expo back in May. I had an amazing time! It gave me the chance to catch up with some of my vintage friends and meet some new ones, too.

The expo was held at Amiralen in Malmö, and the venue was packed with sellers of vintage clothes, jewellery, housewares as well designers of vintage inspired fashions.

I went to with my friend Pia from Copenhagen who also brought along her friend Mia, the Danish hula hoop queen.

Copenhagen’s FN92 was well represented at the expo with beautiful vintage dresses, fascinators, and jewellery, per usual. I wasn’t able to find a dress from their assortment, but luckily owner Pauli has an amazing eye. He took a quick look at me and pulled a beautiful floral cotton dress with matching jacket off the rack, and it fit me perfectly. So obviously that dress came home with me. You’ll find photos of that dress farther along in this post!

I ran into Asta, another lovely gal from Denmark. As you can see, the Danes were clearly well represented.

Also at the expo were the girls from Vintagefabriken in Stockholm. I stopped by to chat and had to pick up their book on vintage hairstyling while I was there! Thank you Asta for the photo!

Emma Sundh from Vintagefabriken was in Hawaiʻi a while back so there was lots for us to talk about!

Got spotted by the expo photographer.

Pia and I working a victory pose after a successful day of vintage shopping. What a day! 
Thanks for the photo, Pia!

In June, I kicked off my summer vacation with the most important of Swedish holidays - Midsummer! Of course I celebrated the holiday with family out in the country in beautiful little Hallaröd. I really can’t get enough of that place. 

Wore my beautiful dress from FN92!

The maypole! Conveniently enough, there are no photos of us dancing Små Grodorna around it.

Love this beardo.

After midsommar, we packed our bags and headed home. To my home. 
Stay tuned for my next posts - we’re going to Hawaiʻi!

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