Monday, June 2, 2014

Sunny summer days are here!

I'm so happy! The summer has really, truly, finally arrived in Malmö! Friday was a wonderfully warm day so we decided to take advantage of the great weather and have a barbecue. It was so warm sitting out in the yard and the balcony that I didn't even think about adding a sweater over my bolero until about midnight, when it was time to go in anyway. I just love it when the nights are warm here! I guess it reminds me of home.

Always say YES to lilikoʻi (passion fruit) liqueur mojitos. Just do it.

I love this time of year because it gives me a chance to wear what I, as a Hawaiian girl, feel I am truly meant to wear: SUNDRESSES! Give me sunglasses, sandals, and breezy, colorful fabrics over scarves, stockings, and heavy, oppressive layers any day.

Heeding my own good advice.

I went to the Göteborg Vintage Expo last month (which I didn't blog about because I was so busy shopping I pretty much forgot to take photos) and came away with a ton of fabulous stuff. One of the things that came home with me was this yellow sundress and bolero set.

It is Swedish made complete with original label (Kerema - anybody know about that label?), and it appears to be 50's. The seller, whose name/company name I forgot because it wasn't on the receipt or price tag even told me about the little old lady who brought it to her shop to sell. I love getting to hear about the first/past lives of vintage clothing. It makes them all the more beautiful and interesting. I hope the lady was glad to hear that her pretty yellow dress has found a very loving new home!

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