Wednesday, April 2, 2014

A luxurious weekend

Whew! This week sure has been busy. But at least I had a luxurious and relaxing weekend full of friends, food, and fun before I then launched into a pretty intensive week.  Friday evening we celebrated my friend Lisa's birthday with Asian/Pacific Rim style cuisine at Lemongrass restaurant. I'll take any chance I can to dress up, so I wore one of my not-vintage-but-vintage-inspired dresses- a pretty Bernie Dexter dress.

I don't go out to restaurants too often, so I felt pretty indulgent when I went out on Saturday to another restaurant. If you're in Malmö and looking for a place to eat sushi, I would recommend Saiko. It's Skånsk inspired sushi (think Swedish pickled herring sushi or red cabbage sushi) but they also have really good quality raw fish. I ordered a Japanese beer brewed with ginger. The little ginger man on the label was too funny!

Off to eat some sushi! This dress I bought from FN92 last summer. I'm so excited to be able to start pulling out my warm weather dresses!


  1. Lemongrass last Friday was lovely and would love to go to Saiko again some time, too. Also, the Bernie Dexter dress was quite the hit with the other guests at the restaurant! :)

  2. Too Cute I love that you started doing this!

  3. Thanks V!

    Thanks for stopping by Oly808! I don't know who you are with that handle though!